Welcome to Drill Nation!

After 6 months of planning and preparation, DrillNATION is live and brought to you, the Junior ROTC competition enthusiasts. Hosted by National Event Manager Sports Network International, “DN” is the all-around home for everyone involved in Junior ROTC. Whether you are a cadet, an instructor, a parent or just a military competition junkie, a long time driller or a newbie looking for a home, the DrillNATION site is for you!

While the emphasis will obviously focus around the drill world, the DrillNATION site is broad based with numerous forum threads and posts featuring news & information surrounding Marksmanship, Academics, Raider, and All-Around competitions as well. In fact, if JROTC and community cadetting is involved in it, DrillNATION will be there to feature the action! In the coming weeks, the most active members will be given special access to amazing things on DrillNATION. Never before seen videos such as: Service Drill Teams performing at the National High School Drill Team Championships; Mr. Paul Naki and Mr. Donovan White teaching and drilling at the Nationals Drill Camp, Knockout and Awards Ceremony footage from past NHSDTC events, as well as some of the top finishing solo, dual & team performances that you may have missed over the 25+ year history of Sports Network International drill & ceremony excellence.

Watch your favorite Drill teams as they practice their routine in unique places. We even bring to you never seen before footage that feature them doing regular things on regular days. After all, they are just the same us you and me. You’ll be amazed at what you can do inside a garage once you have it repaired by http://a1garage.com/sedona/.

From time to time, we also find a way to get some of their members to speak of their passion. Join us in getting to know them more behind the competitions, and behind the usual pressure of working as a team. How to they find the sport? When did they start joining the sport? How to they find their routine? What adjustments do they make to perfect the whole show? That and more, only here at DrillNATION.

Here at DrillNATION, we keep a large collection of videos and clips from almost all competition around the globe. Now, there is no limit in how you could watch them, if you register with us. Watch repeatedly their groups’ routine and be surprise time and time again on their raw talents and discipline while on the playing field. There is no better way to learn than by watching right? And this is what we aim to provide with DrillNATION. Who knows, you may be the next member to compete.

So check back daily! The site will grow & evolve due to the efforts and feedback of you, the DrillNATION members. Big plans are in the works and we look forward to your feedback. So kick the tires and light the fires because YOU WERE HERE AT THE BEGINNING OF THIS HISTORIC EVOLUTION IN DRILL!!!!