DrillNATION brings you the latest and most up-to-date news in the field of Drill competition. So, if you are an enthusiast, or a fan, then this is the place for you. We collect many different clips for many competitions for you to enjoy. This is also a place to read new on the latest trend when it coumes to routines and practices of your favorite teams. We see to it that we update this regularly for your fun and enjoyment.

DrillNATION Principles

We built DrillNATION to make it easy to share information with your friends and people around you that share an interest in military-style competitions. We understand you may not want everyone in the world to have the information you share on DrillNATION; that is why we give you control of your information.

DrillNATION follows two core principles:

  1. You should have control over your personal information. DrillNATION helps you share information with your friends and people around you. You choose what information you put in your profile, including contact and personal information, pictures, interests and groups you join. And you control the users with whom you share that information through the privacy settings on the Privacy page. You should have access to the information others want to share.
  1. There is an increasing amount of information available out there, and you may want to know what relates to you, your friends, and people around you. We want to help you easily get that information.

Sharing information should be easy. And we want to provide you with the privacy tools necessary to control how and with whom you share that information.

If you have questions, ideas or help, please send us an email at contact@DrillNATION.com. Please be rest assured that we’ll get back to answer you as soon as we can.

For the mean time… Please feel free to look around, and have fun.